For those of us who are completely new to the idea of project mapping, let us first begin by describing what project mapping means. Project mapping is conceptually similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality. It is the use of projection technology that uses light and graphic projections to change or alter the shape of an object. Such a change in shape is only a result of the viewer’s perception of the projected lights and imagery. Project mapping needs a display surface for such a video projection.

Project mapping can be used in a variety of creative ways to achieve versatile end results. In general, project mapping is a huge hit among event managers who use it primarily for branding and advertising. But as the creative quotient in project mapping technology has escalated, more and more verticals are employing and emulating project mapping technology for a variety of creative and interesting uses. Let’s explore the top five times when project mapping simply awed us.

Grabbing attention

Project mapping has rightfully earned its fame in the movie industry. More and more movie houses are approaching event managers to plan large scale project mapping ideas to ensure their movie gets the much needed hype and publicity ahead of the actual release. For instance, during the movie launch of Iron Man 2, Marvel Studios displayed a projection mapping on Rochester Castle where spectators experienced an action-packed viewing experience, with visuals of members of AC/DC pitted against Iron Man.

Product launch

Electronics giant Sony used a real-time projection mapping campaign to announce the launch of the PlayStation. The company used live puppetry, 3D tracking and pyrotechnics in building the project mapping illusions. For an H&M store launch in Amsterdam, the retail chain went ahead with an idea of 3D projection mapping on their building with a visual of a red ribbon untangling itself and revealing a dollhouse.

Simply Campaigns

In a rather spectacular campaign, Adidas choose to feature soccer superstar Lionel Messi in the projection mapping to promote their new Adizero f50 Messi cleat. They created a campaign in which their brand ambassador was projected across various buildings, monuments and even trees in the Spanish city. The projection mapping was run as part of a series of images in the campaign.

Building an image

To commemorate their first successful flight to Singapore, British Airways created a projection mapping video with seven high powered projectors and incredible special effects that ran across a 1:20-size scale model of an Airbus A380. This projection was also incorporated with a physical fog to bring a real life look to the visuals and give a close-to-reality feel to the viewers. Such a large scale use of project mapping, backed by creative visuals and accessorized by real life environment was an impeccable way to convey the grandeur of the English airline.

Establishing a brand

BMW’s Joy 3D campaign which showed off the brand’s cars on various busy office buildings in Suntec City, Singapore, managed to hold the title of ‘Asia’s first interactive 3D building projection.’ The projection conveyed a transformation of the city from a symbol of work to a symbol of joy.

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