Architectural Design

When it comes to architectural design, there are many details, components, and elements that the architect must focus on. They must follow each step of the project carefully to ensure that the final product is safe and to keep the architect’s mind relaxed, this is called “flow” in the architectural world.

The Architectural Design Process

Here are the steps that an architect at EnDesign will go through when they are designing a project:

Schematic Design

The initial step of the design process is to go over the project with the client. The architect will go through the style and needs of the client, and then create a few design options that the client will review and approve.

Design Development

Once the schematic design is approved, the architect will take the schematic design and turn it into a design concept. During this step, the client can request any other changes to the design.

Construction Documents

After the final design is approved, the architect will send the documents to the construction contractor. In these documents, the architect will include all of the drawings and details so the contractor can follow them to a T.


This step is only needed if there isn’t already a construction contractor for the project. When the client needs a contractor, our architect will send bid documents to potential contractors that give details and technical specifications about the project.


Once everything is approved by the client and they are happy with the construction contractor, the construction phase will begin. During this phase, the architect will be in contact with the construction team to ensure that they are following the design and everything is being built according to the plan.

At EnDesign, our 3D architects will create eye-popping designs for your project that you can view in real-time. 3D renderings are great to view all aspects of the building, including rooms, corridors, and landscape. We offer our services to our clients in Toronto, Edmonton, New York, and more. Take a look at our previous architectural design projects to see the EnDesign advantage!

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