Architects and real estate agents require high-quality project visuals to successfully catch a potential client’s attention. To enhance one’s portfolio, social media and presentations, your photos must be irresistible but taking the right pictures can be challenging when dealing with architectural exteriors. 3D rendering will help in this regard as it can show designs and images from different angles and provide you with creative freedom. 

The right angle will make all the difference, and the following are the best angles for architectural exterior rendering:


This will show the construction from the viewpoint of pedestrians, and this angle will allow the viewer to understand how they will perceive the building when passing by or entering it. Eye level is considered the most natural viewpoint, and it is recommended that people, cars and other secondary elements be added in this kind of architectural rendering to revitalize the image. 


This angle will show the building slightly from afar and can showcase a project comprehensively because an elevated angle will show more of the surroundings. This will allow the viewer to see how the exterior will work with the neighbouring structures and the location.


This angle, also referred to as bird-view, will show a building from afar and above and look like photos taken from drones or even helicopters. This angle will allow you to show a tall building in its entirety, and a viewer can see how it would work with the immediate surroundings and the whole neighbourhood. Some architects want the exterior of their building to stand out, while others want the building to blend in and regardless of the architect’s intention, aerial angles will show off the desired image. 

Worms’ Eye

This is the lowest angle, lower than eye level, which shows a building from the bottom up and is used by architects to emphasize scale. Skyscrapers, in particular, will require this perspective to create an impact, and this angle is known to evoke an emotional response. When this angle is presented correctly, viewers will be impressed by the exterior’s grandeur.

Close Up

There are two main benefits to this angle. Not only can they provide additional information on materials and design details and any selling points you wish to highlight, but this angle can also help an audience better establish an emotional connection with the project. When a person focuses on architectural details, it will create a more intimate atmosphere. 

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