Whether you need a floor plan rendering for real estate marketing purposes or are amending an existing floor plan as part of a remodelling project, 3D rendering will help you create the perfect plan. There are two main approaches to making a 3D floor plan, and you can consider:

Creating your own 3D rendering using a specialized software tool

This is one option you can consider, although it is not always recommended because the process is time-consuming, especially if you lack experience. You will have to test different software tools and learn how to use them, and your time is valuable, which is why this option may not be ideal. By the time you factor in the time it will take to learn to use the software, and the time it will take to create your own 3D floor plan, it may cost less to outsource the project.

Hiring a professional 3D rendering company

This is the better choice because experts can complete this project for you. Professionals will listen to your ideas and create the perfect floor plan based on this information. They will complete this project quickly, and this option will save you both time and money. 

To create an accurate 3D floor plan, it must be drawn to scale, and the first step will include a sketch with accurate measurements of your property or a property blueprint from an architect. The sketch must include the kitchen, bathrooms and other features like a garage. With 3D rendering, you can add doors, windows and furniture to fill the interior space. These elements will be added to scale and according to your specifications.

Accuracy is a must, and walls will have to be included to provide an accurate sense of how the rooms and flow of the interior spaces will look and work. If walls and other features are not included, your floor plan will be incomplete. In terms of furnishing your design, you can be as creative as you like, adding furniture to every room and even designing every space!

From Blueprints to 3D Model: From Concept to Creation

When there is a blueprint, it will be much easier to fill in the blanks, and a professional rendering company can choose the materials and furnishings to use from a limitless amount of designs. Or, you can choose to be more hands-on if you want your floor plan to look a certain way. Architectural rendering professionals are highly skilled and can choose the best furniture for the interior of your property. However, you can provide samples of floor plans or resources if you have a specific look you’re after. This will allow 3D rendering professionals to create a floor plan according to your requirements. 

The experts at Endesign use specialized technology to provide clients with high-quality renderings. We will always provide you with the perfect floor plan and will provide you with services that are customized to your specific needs.

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