Landscape design and 3D Design

Designing your ideal outdoor landscape space can be difficult to navigate. It’s much more effective to visualize curb appeal and background design concepts than to attempt to imagine it in a brochure. EnDesign’s progressive 3D landscape design software generates high-resolution images as well as a video of a finished landscape design. 3D design easily allows for changes and adjustments to any project design to accurately reflect the individual’s vision and dream. These adjustments happen in real-time to allow the client to view the change. Compare this seamless process with a traditional bird’s eye view, 2D landscape design that only offers the client a plan with nothing visual and certainly does not reveal different stages and details of the landscape project.

The landscape design services pass through various stages, including:

Stage 1: Initial Site Visit & Discussion

During the first meeting and site visit with the client, we discuss the landscape project vision with the client in depth. We’ll discuss the following topics with you to compile an idea of the design you want:

  • The landscape look and style
  • Client budget
  • Site development and elevations
  • Real Property Report (RPR) Inspection
  • Tree, shrubbery, flower preferences
  • Cost comparisons, final product selections
  • Walk around landscape site

Stage 2: 3D Images and Design Concept

Once the design plans have been discussed, we can plot and scale the design on CAD software and position everything correctly as per the client’s RPR report. A 3D model of the yard layout is created and replicated from site photos. The design 3D images can be uploaded for the client to view and make any suggestions or request changes.

Stage 3: Final Quoting and Design Approval

Once all suggestions and adjustments are requested and made to the design, the design will be submitted for a final approval. Once the client approves the design, a complete quote will be generated for the client.

Step 4: Project Construction

Once the quote has been approved, booking and project construction can ensue. Project construction can begin as early as possible – weather depending.

EnDesign makes your breathtaking 3D visualizations come to life. Contact us for a quote to get started on your dream project at We offer our landscape design services to clients in Toronto, New York, Texas, and more.