3D product rendering can set you apart from your competition, and this service can increase your level of success as it is innovative and effective. Many clients are interested in this option but do not proceed because of the cost, and this is something you need to reconsider because there are ways to reduce 3D product rendering costs, and the following tips will prevent you from spending a fortune:

Create a Detailed Brief

You must have a solid brief as this will prevent 3D artists from wasting their time looking for reference materials, so your costs will not increase. Making a detailed and thorough description of the product with clear specifications will make the CG artist’s job much easier, reducing your cost. Including important aspects like texture, lighting and mood will further reduce your cost, so make sure your desired specifications are ready in the form of sketches.

Use Ready-made 3D Models

You don’t have to start from scratch and can use ready-made 3D models from a CGI library instead. This will help you save money as you will be able to pay a flat rate, and you can then choose to customize your models later on. If 3D rendering artists do not have to spend extra time building a model from scratch, your costs will be reduced.

Use Ready 3D Scenes

This, too, will allow you to save money so ask for one of the ready 3D scenes so that custom room sets do not have to be created as that would be very costly. Most studios will already have databases containing CG backgrounds, and these will be available at a fixed price. The scene surrounding your model must look and feel organic, as this will allow you to create a compelling narrative. Using ready 3D scenes from a CGI library will allow you to do this while reducing your cost.

Check on the Results of Your Project Regularly

This will allow you to detect any mistakes early on, and these can easily be corrected during the early stages. This will prevent changes and errors, which can be quite costly and 3D artists will not have to redo a large chunk of the work. Miscommunication and misunderstandings between the client and artist can also lead to errors but checking on the results will ensure everyone is on the same page so that money is not wasted.

Do not rush the project

Rushing will only lead to errors and additional revisions, both of which will result in higher costs. To prevent this from happening, take your time to ensure you are productive.

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