3D Image Rendering for Interior Design

Oct 27, 2020 | 3D Rendering

As an architect or interior designer, you know how hard it is for some clients to visualize their dream renovation. This is why most professionals have started offering 3D image renders to their clients to help aid them. 3D image rendering is a foolproof way to show a client the ins and outs of their potential renovations and showcase an interior designer’s vision for their space.

3D image rendering is the ideal way to bring your visions to life in front of a client’s eyes and create a channel of clear communication between you two. The planning portion of a redesign or renovation can give professionals a headache, especially if there is no headway being made. Sometimes, long after the planning process, clients still aren’t happy with how things turned out. Using 3D image rendering can help protect yourself from such a situation.

Here are a few reasons you should start using 3D image rendering during your planning process:

3D Image Rendering Allows You To Recreate The End Result Of A Project Fully

You can add in furniture and fixtures with different finishes. You can knock down walls, add in counters and do just about anything else you or your client can imagine. This allows you and your client to be on the same page about everything, and can speed up the planning process greatly.

3D Imaging Can Be Used For Things Other Than Client Communication

You can also use them to show contractors what you want to do with a space, and ensures that there is no miscommunication there. You can also utilize your renders in your portfolio to show to potential clients.

3D Images Can Be Shared Quickly And Easily Between You And Your Client

Simply email them over once you finish making them. Or, if you’ve outsourced them, you can easily send them to a client once you receive them. This either cuts down on the time you need to meet with your client, or makes meeting them entirely obsolete, as you can just communicate virtually. Now you’ll have time to focus on other important things.

3D Rendering Can Help Save You Money

You won’t have to spend money on furniture or building a setup for your client, and instead build a 3D rendered version. With 3D rendering, you won’t need to return or sell any purchased materials. You can also make changes before even starting construction, which prevents wasted money in that regard.

3D Rendering Makes Collaboration Easier

You and your client will have clear expectations when you use 3D image rendering. This will also speed up the approval process because your client won’t have to guess what to expect.

Using 3D image rendering makes interior design a walk in the park. You can build a better relationship with your client, free from miscommunication. 3D rendering can help you save time and money, so you can use those resources to better the project and your business instead.

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