“The medium is the message”. Our 3D projection mapping team can use any object with geometry and project 3D visual FX directly to its surface. 3D projection mapping will definitely turn heads. If you have customers or clients passing by your establishment or trade show booth – 3D projection mapping can attract them to your product or service. We can cover 360 degrees of the object by using multiple projectors. Our 3D projection mapping VFX can be customized to your needs.

The world of advertising is always changing, with new trends and fads coming and going as the years go by. 3D projection mapping is a dazzling and jaw-dropping way to showcase a new product or catch the eyes of new customers. Projection mapping can bring any surface to life with vibrant colours and amazing effects, making your product or advertising space stand out from the crowd in a truly unique and spectacular way.

We start by mapping out every single surface and angle on whatever surface we are working with. This allows us to adjust our projections perfectly to the surface, allowing for maximum effect. After mapping it all out, we can really get creative! The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D projection mapping, allowing for countless combinations of colour, light, and various effects. Like 3D animation, 3D projection mapping can also be used as a form of storytelling. It’s possible to convey the history of an object or company by way of visual storytelling that is brought on by projection mapping.

3D Projection Mapping
3D Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping

Take your advertising to a new level

3D projection mapping is a great and exciting way to advertise your product or business as a whole. We’ve recently compiled a list of innovative ways brands have used projection mapping for various uses.

Many companies hold special events to announce their new products and incorporate projection mapping in these announcements, usually as part of a special show or performance. Along with announcing a new product, projection mapping can be used to attract attention to your company when you are taking part in a special event such as a trade show or convention. Nothing is going to help your company’s booth or setup stand out from the crowd better than a display featuring dazzling projection mapping effects.



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