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EnDesign was established in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. It is a growing company with offices in Canada and USA. Our goal is to use the latest technology in 3D computer software to bring your ideas to life while remaining user interactive.

Today’s digital world has shifted towards using more technologically innovative methods to showcase, plan, and develop ideas. 3D animation has become a vital tool for many businesses and our talented team at EnDesign are here to provide that to you! Let your ideas come to life before your very own eyes using our 3D animation technology.

We offer a variety of services to our clients; 3D visualization tools are superb for Real Estate professionals, Architects, Engineers, and Designers. Offering clients a 3D view into your imagination will allow them to experience your vision and envision your product with no chance of miscommunication or difficulties. Communication can be one of the most challenging aspects of any project requiring design but 3D visualization can help your clients see what they want and create a clear liaison between you and their expectations, rather than relying on imagination alone. Let us help you achieve this.


We had a great experience with EnDesign. Very professional and brought our vision to a good quality Rendering. I look forward to using them again.

Jesse Gray

Our team had a great experience with EnDesign. Naveen and his team were a pleasure to work with. He was always punctual and accommodating with lots of great ideas to contribute. Very high quality production and we’re very happy with the video. Definitely recommend!

Megan Machado

We have done a lot of business with EnDesign to say the least. EnDesign always provides the highest quality work and service to meet tight deadlines. When issues arise EnDesign is proactive in providing ideas and solution and acts as a true partner. I highly recommend using EnDesign.

Andrew Celenza

We found EnDesign online and I am very pleased we chose to use them for our project. Nav was responsive and easy to work with. The end product is phenomenal and we could not be happier with their work. Thank you Endesign for delivering on what you said you would from the beginning. We look forward to working with you again!

Embee Residential

We got a front exterior render for a custom house we are building from Nav and his team. They were very easy to work with and very quick at making changes to the final render until we were satisfied with it. I will be recommending endesign to family and friends and thanks again to Nav and his team!

Arshdeep virk

Fantastic service. Rendering were amazing. The EnDesign team worked closely with us to ensure we received the exact rendering as per our vision. They came out accurate to our plans. I would highly recommend their company and service as they have the best price and service.

Tanesh Vaswani

Naveen is a pleasure to deal with, he is responsive and continually strives to ensure we are 100% satisfied with our project. The EnDesign team consistently delivers great value by exceeding our expectations for our projects regardless of the tight timelines we place on them.
When issues do arise EnDesign is proactive in providing solutions. Their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied, is refreshing. Endesign conducts themselves like a true partner. I highly recommend using EnDesign.

Salvatore Iantorno

Naveen far exceeded the expectations of Jackie Glass Inc’s client Glenerin Inn & Spa throughout the rendering process from concept to completion. As project manager, my experience working with the EnDesign team was seamless and resulted in beautiful renderings that truly brought the design to life for our client, on time and on budget. We highly recommend the services of Naveen and his talented and professional team for Designers to present impressive next-level design concepts to their clients. We will be a return customer!

Karen Kirk

I can to EnDesign with a weird request. I work in a niche industry and needed a product 3D modeled. Having no idea where to start and if EnDesign was even the right company for this. I can say they went above and beyond what I thought they would do. Working very patiently with me to get everything correct the way I wanted it. Extremely satisfied with both their talent and customer service.

Web Master


Our 3D rendering services are mirror reflections of your design ideas. Whether you want to showcase a product concept or create a walkthrough for a property still under construction our service can help you show clients and colleagues the closest thing to the real object.

Endesign 3D Architectural Rendering


At EnDesign our specialty is in providing our clients with breathtaking 3D visualizations of their thoughts and ideas and bringing them to virtual life.


Our 3D rendering services accurately mirror your design concepts. Whether you aim to present a product concept or generate a walkthrough for a property in progress, our services enable you to demonstrate to clients and colleagues a representation that closely resembles the actual object.


EnDesign’s 3D architects will craft visually stunning designs for your architectural project, allowing you to view them in real-time.

VR (Virtual Reality)

We have the expertise to develop custom 3D VR software for your business, specifically tailored for your 3D VR kit, enabling users to interact seamlessly with your product or service.


Utilizing our 3D animation studio based in Toronto, we can enhance any project you have by incorporating high-quality professional animation.

Projection Mapping

Our team skilled in 3D projection mapping can project 3D visual effects directly onto the surface of any object with geometry.

Product Rendering

Our 3D product rendering services accurately mirror your design concepts, whether you seek to present a product idea or develop a walkthrough for an ongoing project.

Our Process


The very first step before starting a 3D rendering/Architectural Visualization is to provide as much information as possible about your project. Depending on the information provided, we will examine the assets in order for our team to provide an accurate quote. From hand sketches to CAD


The EnDesign team will use the information provided by you to create a 3D model of your project. Once the model is complete, we send a preliminary 3D model image to you for modifications/approval. These images are viewed by you and we’ll discuss specifics of details/textures, camera


After the “back and forth” process is complete for the 3D model, we will then begin to apply materials from the information you have provided. If there are no material assets, not to worry, The EnDesign team has 8 years of experience in design and you can


Once the materials are in place, our team will send you preliminary renderings for you to review. We work closely with our clients to bring their imaginations to virtual life. This process is essential so that our team can re-create exactly what you’re envisioning onto 3D software and


This is the final step. Once we have confirmations on design and textures, our team sends the rendering out for a final high quality render. The rendering is then taken to our post production department where a selected team of experienced individuals will use specific software to

Render Quality Options

At EnDesign, we understand that every client has a specific budget and need. We provide our clients with 3 different options for 3D rendering and 3D Animation.


Hyper-photorealistic renderings are the closest thing to a real-life photo. Our expert team leaves no detail out of the rendering. These sharp-focus renderings are a lengthy process and require meticulous accurate detailing to accomplish the ‘Perfect picture’ We use the most advanced software and hardware to create these hyper-photorealistic images.


Photorealistic renderings are images which give you a feel of photo realism and art by depicting commonplace scenes or ordinary people, with a mix of flat images and technology. With photorealistic renderings, the user can get a feel of both computer generated and realistic photo imaging. A post-production process is standard to perfect the final renderings from any imperfections or for additional editing.


High quality renderings are the most common type of renderings. These renderings are an excellent option to present an idea or concept. High quality renderings are usually completed by using 2-3 software and require little to no post-production. They are renderings which are commonly used in most architectural visualizations.

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