How 3D Architectural Modeling changed Architects World

Aug 12, 2019 | Projection Mapping

It has become standard to use this technology as a tool for designers and architects. Before, the process of architectural planning was based on solely using pen and paper. Building a physical scale model was the only way to present a proposed project. Because of that, the architects had a lot of work to do by hand.

Now, the industry is going further, and 3D architecture modeling is no longer a sci-fi concept of the future – it is the reality. Because of the new capabilities granted by this technology, the need for architectural 3D modeling services is increasing each day.

Here are some ways 3D architectural modeling is changing the way architects do their job.

New Level Of Presentation

Architectural presentation is an essential step in communicating with potential clients. Architects recognize that not everybody can clearly visualize how a project is going to look like, so a detailed presentation is needed. Hand-drawn sketches and physical models alone can’t convey a project accurately. As a result, traditional presentation tools are being replaced by 3D architectural modeling.

Presenting using photorealistic 3D renderings requires less effort from an architect, as there is no need to create a physical scale model. Even more, 3D architecture modeling looks realistic – as if the building exists in real life.

Easy Remodeling

It is often necessary to make developmental changes to a project during the production process. Sometimes, there is a need to make corrections even at the final stage of a project. Architectural 3D modeling allows for that as quickly as possible. An architect does not have to waste time on redrawing a sketch because a model with real spaces makes it easier to notice mistakes before the construction process begins. When all the information is digital, it is easy to alter a project at any time.

Marketing Opportunities

Architects often use 3D renderings for their portfolio on their website to attract new clients even before a project is finished. At the same time, real estate marketing agencies can use renderings to apartments or houses long before they are done being built. Architectural 3D modeling can be useful for billboards near a construction site with its photorealistic images.

Virtual Reality is the Future

Nowadays, 3D modeling is a widely-used tool in architecture. But, this technology will continue to change, so we should expect many changes in the future. The most likely advancement is the implementation of virtual reality technology. Clients will soon be able to feel as though they are inside of the rendering of a building that has yet to be constructed.

Interactive virtual reality will improve the process of selling a project. It will allow a client to take a look at the project from the viewpoint of an architect. When a customer can touch details, walkthrough and see an architect’s vision even before its realization, they are more likely to trust it.

Leading companies all over the world are using this technology to convey their projects with the utmost accuracy. It removes language barriers and empowers an architectural company to bring their clients’ vision to life. If you want to showcase all of the bright features of your project, contact EnDesign for striking 3D imagery.



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