How 3D Technology is Revolutionizing the Future

Aug 18, 2018 | 3D Animation

Imagine a photo of a house where you can look into every room, spot every piece of furniture in every room, peer into the kitchen to see the appliances and the backyard at the same time. You don’t have to imagine this anymore. The technology is real. 3D is revolutionizing the future and is right at your fingertips now. Are you ready for it?

As the world evolves, so does computer technology. Multifaceted innovations are opening up new possibilities taking us to spectacular new dimensions. 3D technology is one such field. It is taking designs beyond static content, infusing new life in forms. The processing power allows design users such as artists, architects, graphic enhancers, rendering experts and design analysts to speed up their work, bridging communication with clients at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional Printing Vs. 3D Technology

Traditional printing takes up a lot of time, effort and expense. There’s a need to create individualized moulds, work with several components and involve skilled specialists to ensure a professional finish. 3D printing eliminates the need for all of that. Instead, 3D CAD drawings are created from technologically advanced printers that print one layer at a time. This allows more control and creativity over the design and faster output, cutting down the printing process from days and weeks to just hours.

3D Printing for Healthcare

Some printers integrate user-friendly design interfaces that don’t require intensive knowledge of CAD drawing systems. Custom printing options are available for niche users from different backgrounds. The technology is already working wonders for the medical world. For instance, medical personnel with little CAD knowledge are able to convert medical scans into 3D design formats with automated software.

Such realistic printing could soon allow healthcare workers to repair, restore and regenerate ailments to augment capabilities beyond traditional expectation, such as for prosthetic use. The technology allows plastic surgeons to create prosthetic parts without casting plaster on patient’s faces. The University of Tokyo Hospital created artificial bones using 3D printing. Surgeons at a medical centre have used 3D printers to create practice models for surgeries, based on CT scan designs to explain complex procedures to patients.

3D Printing in Real Estate

A few corporations have started to offer 3D topographical maps to help hikers, real estate agents and owners navigate around properties and resorts. Others have incorporated the technology in online games and the virtual world, allowing children to design and print their own superheroes.

As materials improve and costs go down further, many other innovative applications become possible.

3D Printing in the Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturers and marketers, 3D technology breaks new boundaries. Companies have already begun to market customized keepsakes integrating personalized text or photographs sent by the customer. Soon, a time is predicted to arrive when kitchen cutlery will not come from the store but will be manufactured to exact specifications with customized ergonomic handles that fit hands perfectly, helping those with physical challenges.

You may not have to wait weeks for the arrival of auto or computer replacement parts either. Mechanics can store design details in the database and print out requirements with no difficulty, saving time and money for the customer. This is a boon for restoration workers as well. In the food industry, production of customized edible gifts, chocolate sculptures and candies are a probability.

The technology is used by architects, builders, aerospace industry and the fashion world developing intricate design patterns for clearer understanding, breaking down communication walls between clients and the developers. As 3D technology becomes more widespread and cost-effective, it will be interesting to see what’s in store next.

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