How Product Visualization Is Triggering High E-Commerce Sales

Dec 15, 2019 | 3D Product Design

When operating a business, you understand the importance of highlighting your products online in a way that appeals to and grabs the attention of clients and customers. Product visualization makes product pages far more visually appealing and appear more professional. It also has the power to increase e-commerce sales, drive traffic to your brand’s website and allow clients to view your products in high-quality, which is effective at acquiring a sale.

Boosting your brand by highlighting your most effective products is just one way to drive sales. Check out all of the advantages of using product visualization for your business:

1. 3D Prototypes Make For Easier Product Visualization

Creating props to give your customers and client’s peek into the product is time-consuming and often ineffective. Props cannot adequately highlight and accentuate certain details on a product. They also require space and will have to be disposed of frequently as you create new ones. 3D product prototypes are far more affordable, eliminate the unnecessary time to build a prop and are often far more detailed and visually appealing. CGI deploys product prototypes easily and allows clients to view it online from various angles in high definition.

2. Highly Realistic And High Definition

Two or one-dimensional images online or photographs in a catalogue cannot capture and do the product justice. With only one perspective to look from, clients do not have a full-encompassing outlook of the product and could be deterred by a lack of detail. 3D modelling produces outstanding 3D digital replicas of your brand’s real products that can be viewed from different perspectives. With specific products, such as furniture pieces, these products can be projected into certain backgrounds to allow clients to have an easier comprehension of how these objects would fit in their space.

3. Incorporates Visual Interactivity

Clients appreciate the ability to interact with a product they are considering, as it is often a significant investment to them. Being able to drag through, click, alter and resize a product allows the client to put it into various perspectives. A static, one-dimensional photograph eliminates that possibility. Implementing add-ons and quick changes make for easier conscious decision making and empower clients to be able to assemble, disassemble, view the internal and external parts of a product and more.

4. Adapts Quickly To Market Trends

The e-commerce market is highly competitive, producing new products, designs and styles constantly. Adapting to the latest trends in this market is crucial to remain relevant, respected and ensure your products are seeing the exponential sales growth you desire. 3D modelling and rendering makes alterations and changes to a product simple and inexpensive to allow for easier adaptation to new trends.

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