How Visual 3D Renderings Are Disrupting the Construction Industry

Nov 18, 2018 | 3D Rendering

Technological advancements seem to be moving faster and faster as the years go by. While it’s not a bad thing, in some cases, traditionalists like to do things the old school way. With architectural designs, for example, many individuals still prefer to render 2D designs for their projects. To render something is to create a 2D or 3D graphic digitally, generally used when proposed a design concept. However, this is counterproductive when you really look at things, as 2D designs are rendered to reflect 3D concepts. This is an argument many designers and architects make in favour of 3D rendering, and it’s why many businesses are jumping on board with this advancement. The benefits far outway the desire to stick with 2D rendering techniques.

Perfect Lighting Every Time

Waiting for the lighting to be just right when taking a photo can have you standing around for a while. Using 3D rendering software, you have complete control over the lighting conditions, inside and out.

Visualizing Future Projects

Architects, builders, marketers and other professionals use 3D rendering to create an assortment of design options without having to invest time and money into travelling, staging, renting furniture and more.

Perfect Accuracy

Let’s look at architectural renderings for a moment, where precision is incredibly important. Unlike photography, where perspectives and measurements can be skewed, 3D rendering programs were designed to provide accurate measurements at the highest level. With 3D rendering, you’re able to measure the distance between objects, as well as rotate an image to gauge hidden distances you may not have noticed before.

Consistent Marketing

3D rendering allows for the precise use of brand-related themes, such as replicating specific colour palettes. You can easily reproduce the exact shade of sky blue or canary yellow, instead of having to adjust the colour in photoshop to get it somewhat close to the brands specific colouring.

Clear Communication

The purpose of a 3D rendering to provide a visual proposition for clients to assess. It provides a clear visualization so they can fully understand where the project is going. By showing them a 3D representation, clients can provide specific feedback regarding design flaws they wouldn’t have noticed in a less detailed concept. You can also show multiple options to clients, managers and coworkers.

Cost Efficient

This process requires less time, which translates to the company saving money. They don’t need to hire a photographer, designer, decorator or rent studio time for an expensive photo shoot, especially if something needs to be shot again due to error. Instead, they need to hire one person who specializes in 3D rendering, making all future marketing campaigns or build designs a piece of cake.

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