Industries that use 3D Animation

Jul 26, 2022 | 3D Animation

It’s natural to think of the media and entertainment industries whenever 3D animation is mentioned, as they rely heavily on this technology. Video games and films have come a long way with the advent of 3D, which is popular because of its universal appeal. The world of entertainment and media will always use 3D animation, although several other industries also use this technology. 


The process of paper drawings and endless drafts and renditions was once a tedious task. This amalgamation of steps within the process is now completed using a computerized drawing board for product animation. Several teams work simultaneously to design and refine the concept, test it, validate its attributes, and redesign and revalidate it until the final result is ready for prototyping. This process used to take weeks but is now compressed into a few days thanks to 3D animation, which is a big part of the engineering industry. This technology is saving engineers both time and money and can be applied to products and plants. Designing a plant from the ground up, fine-tuning a layout, the electricals, and the pneumatic pipelines can all be explained with 3D walkthrough animation.

3D engineering animations will not only make the process simple and interactive, but they will also allow for changes to be made in real-time.


The manufacturing and process industries use 3D mechanical animations to document and present machinery and process. This technology is also used to simplify maintenance procedures, explain concepts and train its operators. 3D mechanical animations are better for showing all the chemical equipment, so voluminous manuals are no longer needed. Concepts are easier to understand with 3D animations because you would be able to see what is happening inside the plant or how the process works, which is important for the process industry. 


This complex industry involves a wide range of machinery and conveyors. Ores are extracted from below the surface of the earth and transported over conveyors across long distances for processing and shipping. 3D mechanical animation and modelling can make a representative model, indicate the reserves, and carry out exploration activity. 3D animations of the mining process also help make presentations easier through 3D explainer videos, which can be shown to investors or regulators.

Construction, Architecture, and Interiors

3D animation has become increasingly popular in these industries because space can be designed and redesigned in countless ways. Buildings are first conceived as projects, after which they are represented in 3D animation and modelling so that the designs can be tested for structural strength and safety. This technology can explain these concepts to investors and buyers, and even policymakers and architects can interpret buildings in the styles they want. Every person has different tastes in terms of interiors, and 3D explainer videos can elaborate upon these preferences. 


This industry uses a host of sophisticated equipment and machinery in patient care, and 3D animations make marketing such devices a lot easier. This technology will show how the equipment works and can be used in several situations, including presentations to experienced doctors or for instructions at medical colleges. 

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