The Latest Trends In 3D Visualization Technology Architects Must Know

Dec 7, 2022 | Projection Mapping

The days of architects drawing up sketches and mood boards for presentations are over. 3D Visualization Technology has advanced architectural projects to such an incredibly innovative degree. Architects are now able to turn a presentation into a 3D masterpiece with CGI. This form of technology allows clients and investors to properly visualize the project, instead of simply imagining it. The CGI projects are very realistic and allow engineers to have fewer errors or design problems down the road.

What exactly are the latest trends in architectural visualization? Check it out below:

1. Animation

3D animation is a clip or short movie that depicts the architectural design plan. Made up from computer-generated images, it is almost indistinguishable from a real film or video. A “walking” or “flying” camera takes viewers through a tour of the rooms, floors and hallways of the building or home and along the streets. This 3D visualization gives viewers the opportunity to see every feature in the interior and exterior of the design property in motion as if they were physically there. To set the mood, background music may play which takes the project to another level.

This digital movie lets clients fully see what the expected result of the property is supposed to be more than a sketch could.

2. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow for a 360-degree view of a property using photorealistic, panoramic pictures. This 3D visualization technology is so popular because of its interactivity. A viewer can move the camera around the property design, from ceiling to floor using a mouse or touchpad. This allows viewers to look in every direction to get a better understanding of the details of the home/apartment. This interactive virtual display allows for a vivid display to pause on certain details, textures, materials.

3. 3D Floor Plan

Virtual floor plans can show the viewers a design from a bird’s-eye view perspective. This can show elaborate details in every part of the room so the audience gets an idea of the full interior of the home in one. Previously, 2D designs could simply show the layout of the interior, but not the aesthetic details inside it to really bring the design to life. A 3D virtual floor plan is realistic and shows furniture, lighting fixtures, plants and cabinet details clearly.

4. 3D Printing

Printing the design model of a property from wood, plastic or paperboard was previously a very arduous task. Now, architects can design and have a physical 3D model of a structure in a short period of time. After it has been drawn, the design is downloaded onto a certain software, then the 3D printer builds the model layer by layer. This can be done in just a few hours and made from a variety of materials to choose from.

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