The Versatility and Wide Utility of 3D Animation Services

Jun 12, 2018 | 3D Animation

3D animation is not just for film, television, and gaming. While it is a juggernaut in all of these industries, 3D animation has many more applications outside of entertainment. In industries such as interior design, industrial design, the medical field and even forensics, 3D printing is a groundbreaking force that is changing the way professionals do their jobs in all of these areas. 3D animation is incredibly versatile and can be used to change the way we interact with the world. Here are five industries where 3D animation is upheaving the status quo.

Film & Television

Story ideas that could have only lived in print and cartoon animation can now be brought to the screen in live action settings; this is thanks to 3D animation! Think of films such as Avatar, or television shows like Game of Thrones. The entirety of Avatar could not have been made without the aid of 3D animation, and the dragons and battles in Game of Thrones would be far less impressive. 3D animation brings stories and ideas to life like never before.


Many people confuse a game’s aesthetic with graphics, saying they like the graphics when what they mean is they like the aesthetic. One way that graphics and 3D animation improve aesthetic and all around immersion are by creating a seamless and realistic experience. When 3D animated characters have realistic gaits and movements, and settings react to changes around them, then players have a better overall experience.


In the world of forensics, having a forensic animation can help sway the jury. When an animation of what, according to forensic evidence, happened is played in court, it can help increase the persuasiveness of an argument. The animation will also stay in jurors’ minds better than a verbal account and help them visualize when they go to deliberate.


It can be challenging to visualize the structures of the human body in action. Using a 2D illustration, sketch photography, or even animation is paltry in comparison to using 3D animation, which is the next best thing to real life. It helps students and laypeople get a glimpse into the human body and build their understanding in a way that would have been impossible without this innovative technology.

Interior Design

Interior designers can use 3D animation to show clients exactly what they will be getting when they request their services. Instead of painting a wall with a swatch they can show clients exactly what the space will look like in any colour, with a variety of furniture options and design elements. They can also remove walls and change the structure of the room to help their clients decide on what to do.

3D animation is changing the way we consume media, visualize space, and interact with the world. It is beyond dynamic and evolving every day and the possibilities that 3D animation offers for countless industries. At Endesign, we offer every kind of 3D animation service that you could need. Contact us today, and we will create animation to wow your clients.



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