3D Product Configurator: 3 Reasons Every E-commerce Brand Should Consider It

Aug 11, 2020 | 3D Rendering

If you have an e-commerce business and would like to boost your revenue, a 3D product configurator is a tool you need. In addition to increased profits, this tool also allows manufacturers and retailers to successfully face challenges related to the creating, promoting, and selling of goods.

If this is a tool you are unfamiliar with, it is a software app that can be used to customize products in online shops. This would allow customers to experiment with the merchandise design and they would be able to create their own version of it. Shoppers would be able to alternate materials, colours, textures, and more, so the possibilities are endless and any featured item could be customized to the client’s preferences.

There are so many benefits associated with this tool and the following are just a few:

Enhanced customer experience

Thanks to the endless opportunities available with 3D product configuration, customers will have a positive experience and will be satisfied as a result. Buyers can design exactly what they want and in just a few clicks, they can modify an item based on their personal preferences and needs. They will get to see the options and characteristics that are available and can learn about their differences. They will also be able to see the cost of each configuration and the creative process of designing customized products will really engage them and enhance their experience.

A Faster sales cycle

3D product configurators educate customers about the merchandise while they spend their time playing around with it, so they will have fewer or no questions, resulting in a shorter sales cycle. Buyers won’t have to wait for a sales rep to provide them with information about the product because everything will be shown in the interactive configurator.

Lowers the return rates

E-commerce brands that use virtual configurators are seeing fewer online return rates because prospects can make better decisions with this tool. Customers will feel more confident about their choices because they can explore the products in great detail and get a thorough understanding of the features, so they will know all about the merchandise if they decide to buy it and the final product will be exactly as they imagined it.

If you’re tired of experiencing hardships, bad reviews, or frequent cart abandonment, it’s definitely time to consider a 3D product configurator. This will not only resolve all of these issues, but it will also eliminate high return rates, low sales, and more. Your clients will no longer have negative experiences because they will have a full understanding of every aspect of the product. Websites that only provide pictures and descriptions may lose customers because clients may be disappointed once their product arrives.

EnDesign can provide you with more information regarding this tool and we can discuss additional ways it would benefit your business and increase your revenue. For all of your 3D product configurator needs, give us a call today!



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