Interactive 3D product configurations

Businesses are looking for new ways to enhance their product experiences. Many have turned to interactive, 3D product configurators to effectively show product customization and personalization. In this visual economy, 3D product configuration allows customers to interact with a company’s product online in real-time. In addition, customers can change and customize products and watch them transform before their eyes, even if the business does not have these options readily available or manufactured.

Interactive Configuring Products In 3D Is The New Standard

With more customers switching to online shopping, the industry is developing rapidly. Displaying product photographs and brief descriptions is antiquated and can no longer keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers. The customer experience needs to be more personalized and 3D product configuration offers exactly that. With this advanced technology, customers can actually imagine their creation in their lives, in virtually every way, which offers more peace of mind about the product they’re purchasing.

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Whether launching a new product, or promoting an event or service, businesses stand out when they use unique 3D product configurations. This innovative technology provides customers with the best, most immersive shopping experience to increase the popularity of your product and have a positive, promotional effect on your business.

3D Product Interactive Configurator
3D Product Interactive Configurator

Benefits Of Interactive 3D Product Configuration For Your Company

Increase Price Premium

You could experience anywhere from a 25-30% increase in price premium for 3D configured products over standard products.

Increase Conversion Rates

As much as 2x conversion rate than non-personalized products/services.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Result in higher sales, more referrals, and lifetime customer respect and loyalty.

Shopper To Customer

3D product configuration can turn prospective shoppers into loyal customers with an increase in revenue.


Product configuration empowers customer creativity and interactivity.

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EnDesign’s 3D product rendering services showcase your product concept or service as a high-quality prototype that is extremely detailed and startlingly real. 3D product configurators allow customers to understand and relate to a product or service more easily. Use product rendering and animation for your business. Visit our website



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