5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality as a Tool for Your Business

Apr 5, 2019 | 3D Animation

Virtual reality can be an incredible tool for your business and can help you achieve a variety of goals. Be it streamlining your operations, improving your customer service or distinguishing yourself between your competitors, virtual reality can make it happen. Today, many growing businesses are harnessing the potential of this cutting-edge technology to achieve different goals.

Here are five ways to use virtual reality in your business to gain that competitive edge.

1. Marketing

The use of virtual reality for marketing is not a new concept. For example, typically in trade shows and exhibitions, where companies are likely to meet several potential investors, partners or clients, they use VR to create a virtual walk-through model of their product or complete service experience to distinguish themselves from their competing companies. Even boutique hotels in some places are utilizing 360-degree virtual reality videos that introduce prospective guests to their properties as part of the booking process.

2. Managing a vast amount of data

It may be surprising but virtual reality can actually help business owners to get better control of their data. For instance, in an event recently hosted by Intuit, the company used virtual reality to help business owners get a perspective on complex financial data. This virtual reality also helped users to access and use the data in a hands-on and interactive way. With increasingly sophisticated VR tools commanding their place in mainstream businesses, it has become possible to manage complex data through simple interactive operations. VR is changing the way you interact with your company’s crucial data.

3. Human Resources

As the world has become one global village, human resource operations have revolutionized phenomenally. With today’s internet presence, it has become extremely easy to conduct and give interviews from the comfort of your home or office to a company from another part of the world. Businesses harnessing VR have gone one step further and are putting candidates through hands-on case studies and drills to make sure that candidates possess the pertinent skills and knowledge for a particular job profile.

4. On job training

Virtual reality is extremely advantageous for companies who need to put their employees through detailed training. When safety and security are the main concerns such as in manufacturing units, virtual reality can provide the much needed safe form of training for new employees. Companies can give a real life-like training environment to the employees without compromising on safety and security.

5. Improving Customer Experiences

Customer service is probably one of the most exciting aspects of virtual reality. According to a report by the Forbes magazine, VR is the next big thing and businesses will be hugely relying on virtual reality to sell their products and services. Business experts predict that following the boom of virtual reality, several businesses will allow their customers to interact with their customer service chatbots and experience a product or service through a simulated experience before actually buying it. Although still at the nascent stage, many businesses are using VR to improve customer interaction levels and giving a life-like experience.

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