In video mapping, a question that might pop up often is, which option is better? Projection mapping or animation? Some say that you can create the best 3D animation, but it might not look the same as it did on your screen at all. But you might try doing it on a different surface with a different projector and find that it works much better that way.
However to understand the difference between animation and projection mapping, you must first know what each one means.

3D Animation
3D animation consist of animating objects in a three dimensional space. These objects can be moved like real objects, and talk as well. This makes it popular in the film and video game industry, and can be used in presentations to add more visual flair.
3D animation is a great way to take any ideas and bring them to life on the digital screen. You can include motion, audio, voice overs and visual effects when doing 3D animation. Using this method, any idea you have can be put across in an effective and attractive way to catch the attention of your target audience. It is a versatile platform in which you can entertain and educate through visual storytelling. 3D animation allows you to take any idea and viewpoint (whether it be corporate or personal) and take it to another level of narrative.

Projection Mapping
Projection mapping uses the technology of projection to turn objects into a display surface for the target audience to examine. These objects could be anything from shoes, cars, buildings and more. How it works is that it takes any object that has geometry and projects a three dimensional image directly to any surface. It starts by mapping out every single surface and angle on whatever surface the projection will be on, allowing for flawless and great visual effects of the projection(s). It is a great way to attract people to a product or service. 360 degrees of an object can be covered using multiple projectors, and can change any surface to life with colours and effects that will truly make the projected object stand out. It is another great way to be used as a form of storytelling.

Which one is better to use?
This depends on what purpose you want to serve as well as what kind of story you want to tell. Both 3D animation and projection mapping have great features, but depending on what you want to do, one may serve better than the other.
Here are examples of how each method can be used:

3D Animation
– To tell a more in depth story with dialogue (i.e. short films and movies).
– Used for education and training purposes (i.e. surgery techniques in the medical field).
– Used to create landscapes and characters in video games.
– It is a deeper way of creating an engaging storyline.

Projection Mapping
– To showcase a new product at a tradeshow or corporate meeting.
– To make prime use of your advertising space.
– To convey the history of an object or company.
– To be used by artists as a different form of expressing their work.
– To create colourful effects at music shows and festivals.