Selling luxury properties is far from a walk in the park! It’s safe to say almost everyone out there has imagined themselves living in luxury at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, just because everyone wants to live in their luxury home, doesn’t mean that there is a large pool of clientele that can actually afford it. That’s why when you land a client who can afford a luxury property, you should be pulling out all the bells and whistles to make that sale.

As a luxury property developer, it is your job to make people’s dreams come true, more or less. But marketing these properties can be a frustrating experience because clients can be very picky with what they want. And with that amount of money, who can blame them? Getting a buyer to commit to your luxury development can be challenging. So, how can you build some trust and rapport with them?

3D Rendering
This is where the use of 3D rendering comes in! Property marketers and developers have been using 3D rendering as a marketing tactic when it comes to selling. It is a great way to show potential buyers exactly what they are getting. It’s hard for most people to visualize things from only 2D drawings and flat lays. But with the help of 3D rendering, the client doesn’t have to use their imagination and you won’t run the risk of miscommunication.

Pairing 3D rendering within the format of a brochure can help you deliver important information in an incredibly effective way. You can display the information in a way that’s unique to you and your brand or business. Using 3D rendering can help give you an amazing first impression and wow your potential clients into choosing you as their luxury property developer.

3D Rendered Luxury Property Brochures
The success of your brochure depends on its design and how your target market reacts to it. Here are some things you want to consider:

This is the most critical aspect of your brochure. Brochures are meant to be visually appealing first and foremost! Be sure to only include what is essential and not have information or images be too cluttered and distracting. Emphasize property design and the best, most luxurious features.

Legibility and readability of the font is also really important in a brochure. Pick a typeface that is simple and readable. Make sure you don’t switch between too many styles of font, too, maybe only up to three different types. Keep it simple and classy.

Some things in life should be colourful, but luxury property brochures are not one of those things. If you’re having trouble, going for a monochrome look is always suitable.

Take your time to decide which art direction you want to take your brochure in. You want to get it right the first time and make a great impression. If you need help, contact EnDesign today for all your 3D rendering needs across the world!