3D visualizations have drastically changed how architects are able to convey their ideas to clients. They make their visual presentations stand out, and showcase their work in the best light possible. For any successful presentation, architects have to make sure that their visuals are high-quality and that their clients clearly understand the blueprint.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings such as skyscrapers, hotels, or office buildings can benefit greatly from 3D exterior renderings. The building can become an integral part of the city, often becoming what people associate with it. When architects are working on developing ideas for such buildings, it is crucial that they grab the viewer’s attention immediately with a design that is both contemporary and unique.

When creating architectural presentations, 3D visualization can help architects bring a building to life, something that a simple blueprint cannot do. This means that they are able to show the clients the tone of the building and what the surrounding areas will be like during the day or at night. All of this can help clients visually and emotionally connect with the architect’s ideas, which will more likely end in a purchase or an investment deal.

Residential House Rendering

3D visualizations can help the architecture give a residential property more character and also allows them to personalize the design. 3D visualization can be made for individual houses, townhomes, mansions, and bungalows.

For family homes, clients want to know more about the location, how the design will look, and if there will be any greenery in the surrounding areas before purchasing. These are all factors that they weigh heavily when purchasing a home. It is important that it is able to meet their current lifestyle needs and future needs as well, such as plans to have children/pets.

When making residential 3D exterior visualization, architects are forced to pay attention to the small details that mean a great deal to their clients. Things like the position of the home, what the neighbour will look like, and the target audience are all things that will differentiate a good presentation from a great one. Architects are also able to show materials such as glass railings, woodwork, and tiles. This is a great way to show potential buyers what the final product will look like, which will make their decision much easier.

Evidently, 3D visualizations are elevating the architectural industry. The ideas that architects had to explain to clients via blueprints can now be brought to life. At EnDesign, we specialize in 3D interior and exterior visual rendering. We make sure that your clients are able to see everything that you can’t explain with words. Contact us today to get started!