How Can 3D Product Rendering Benefit Future Companies?

Oct 15, 2019 | 3D Rendering

With advancements in technology, companies can use 3D product rendering to enhance the visual components of their products and services. It has become a tool that interior designers, architects, start-ups, and many others utilize. With various software tools, such as 3Ds Max or Vray, product images are elevated by 3D projection artists.

Below are some of the ways that companies can use 3D product rendering to innovatively and creatively market their products.

Promotional Images

If you are interested in making product catalogues more modern and visually interesting, 3D visualization images are great options. 3D artists capture images from different views and angles to get a closer look at the product. Furniture companies would get great use of 3D visualizations as they would be able to isolate specific items and show customers how it could work in their space before making the commitment.

Display Customized Product

Before, showing customers customized products was a difficult task. You would just have to show them drawings and sketches and hope that they would be able to see the vision. Architects and interior designers benefit a lot from being able to show their clients customized 3D visualizations of a space. Not only are they able to see a pre-construction property, but they are also able to make any suggestions and recommendations before the building process starts.

Situational Marketing

It is a common fact that different marketing materials are needed for different times of the year (i.e. Christmas, Black Friday), and it can be a hassle for many businesses, especially those in retail, to keep up with those costs. With 3D visualizations, retailers are able to quickly and efficiently change mannequins in storefronts in a visually interesting way. Through the use of various strategies, such as cinematic story-telling, they are able to capture the interest of shoppers enough for them to visit their store and browse their products.

Showcase Special Features of a Product

There is a big difference between photography and 3D visualizations. With photorealistic rendering, furniture companies are able to showcase their products in innovative ways that are not possible with traditional photography. High-quality software and tools are used to enhance product images, while 3D artists creatively manipulate them by changing the background and tone of light, making the product more appealing to customers.

3D product rendering is a revolutionary marketing tool that companies and businesses across various sectors can benefit from. At EnDesign, we specialize in bringing ideas to life. We offer a wide variety of services, including architectural visualizations, 3D holographic display, 3D VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality), and 3D product rendering and animation. Contact us today to get started!Info


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