How to Pick Photos to Get the Best Virtual Staging Results

Jun 10, 2022 | Virtual home staging

Potential buyers want to visualize themselves living in a new home, and virtual staging will allow you to add beautiful furniture and décor to an empty house. Not only is this option fast and easy, but it’s also cost-efficient. Digital engineers can create realistic furniture and décor and integrate these into an image of an empty room. 

Certain tricks will allow you to get the best possible image, so if you’re shooting a home that is going to be virtually staged, keep the following in mind:

Photos must be high-quality

Virtual furniture looks very real, so you will need to take high-resolution real estate photos, so your images do not look fake. Do not use your iPhone or a point-and-shoot camera; try using a DSLR camera instead. Additionally, shooting in a RAW file format will give virtual staging editors the best chance to make your images look as realistic as possible.

Use a camera with a high dynamic range

Cheap cameras and high-end smartphones cannot handle the wide range of lighting used in real estate photography. Taking images using a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera will allow you to use high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, so your image will be ready to be virtually staged. 

Turn on all the lights

This will give the rooms a more natural and warm look, and virtual stagers can better deal with shadows and shading so every room will feel natural and realistic once the furniture is added. 

Keep rooms empty

Take away distractions like extra furniture, decorations, toys, and clutter of any kind. The emptier a room, the better it will be because the primary purpose of virtual staging is to bring furniture and décor into an empty house. 

Shoot in landscape mode

Spaces should be shot in landscape and not portrait, as the image will be wider instead of taller, which is important for landscape-oriented photos. These types of images will show more area so graphic designers can use the maximum amount of space to add virtual furniture. Additionally, landscape photos look better on real estate marketing websites. 

Get as much of the room as possible in your photo

Taking photos from the corner of the room is recommended as this will allow you to capture most of the space. Ensure you include prominent features like a fireplace, windows, and built-in shelves.

It’s on the floor and the walls where most virtual furniture and décor will be placed, so your pictures need to have twice as much floor and wall area as the ceiling. The experts at Endesign can help you with your virtual staging needs. We have been in this industry for many years and will transform the interior of a home to make it both beautiful and inviting. We specialize in virtual home staging, so contact us today to hear more about our services!



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