How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing Real Estate

Jul 16, 2021 | Virtual home staging, virtual staging real estate

With advancements made in virtual reality, the world of realty has adapted to make the most of these innovations. One of the biggest applications of VR technology is in the world of real estate, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for buyers to visit their prospective homes, but hasn’t managed to slow the market all that much. Thank God virtual reality has been able to combat this problem, in addition to others along the way!

Limit Travel

VR and AR both offer real estate agents an alternative to in-person showings. By making use of VR and AR, potential buyers can get a very realistic image of the home space; one they couldn’t get from pictures alone or, in some cases, even in person. VR provides 3-dimensional conceptual images, so buyers can bridge the gap in their minds while looking at images, all without making the trip to the property. This is a great way for buyers who will be moving to a faraway city to house hunt before making the move, too!

Envision Complete Projects

Condominiums are constantly being built. Envisioning what they will look like can involve a lot of guessing work. Even rendered images can fail to give an accurate image of the completed property. Finally, showrooms are typically expensive to create and still may not give the correct image to buyers. With VR, a real estate agent can give accurate images to buyers. Virtual reality videos, images and simulations make it easier to buy and sell properties before they have been completed or even started construction. Virtual reality can accurately be completed with only a few measurements!

Virtual Staging

VIsualizing the potential in rooms can be a challenge when there is no furniture or a lot of clutter. That’s exactly why real estate agents began staging properties. Empty homes can be a lot less appealing to buyers than ones that are staged furnished. Even then, physical staging can be a tedious process and in times where travel is restricted, physical staging is not ideal. VR staging can easily give buyers the perfect idea of what any of the rooms can look like alongside what they look like currently.

Virtual technology is still evolving and hasn’t even reached its maximum potential. As VR capabilities continue to advance, its real estate applications will as well. Virtual reality has a number of applications within and outside of realty. Check out all the things EnDesign can do for your business when it comes to virtual reality!



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