The invention of 3D rendering has changed the face of the architectural industry forever. The technological advancement brought by 3D rendering software has allowed architects, designers and real estate firms to innovate in new and incredible ways.

The main benefit brought by 3D rendering is the newfound efficiency in the designing process. It has helped with visualizing things as they would be in the real world before they are constructed.

Almost every aspect of the design and build process has been advanced through 3D rendering. This includes video, graphics, images, and presentations. It has also enhanced the quality of relationships and communication between architects and clients. With 3D rendering designers can show exactly what concepts they have visualized for the project and clients can easily have a say during the design process. 3D rendering has allowed the experience to be more collaborative and less argumentative.

Here are some other outstanding innovations of 3D rendering and visualization:

Real-Time Rendering
Real-time rendering, also known as RTR, has been used in the industry for a while. For example, it is widely used in the video game industry in order to allow real-time experiences for players visually. These days, this ability is being brought over to the architectural industry in order to create a real-time visual that clients can experience and feel like they have “lived-in” the design. When combined with VR, it will immerse both the designer and client. The only real obstacle to this is the cost, which is the reason that it has not fully gained popularity in the architectural industry.

Cloud Computing
These days, the cloud has become available to almost every member of society. Everything is stored in the cloud; email, photos, documents, etc., and 3D renders are no exception. The cloud allows for easier accessibility to every party involved within the design process. This means all the important people can take a look at your 3D render no matter when or where. This creates autonomy as well as saves time and money. No more booking meetings to discuss minuscule details.

3D Printing
Sometimes, 3D rendering and showing a design on a computer screen isn’t enough. This is why using 3D rendering along with 3D printing can be incredibly helpful for architects to show during presentations, or even show builders during the building process itself. 3D printing models can shed new light on a project and provide a clearer understanding of the vision.

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality has become an increasingly popular medium for designers and rendering artists these days. Especially because we must adhere to strict social distancing laws, we can no longer visit places physically in most cases. This is where virtual reality comes in. Using 3D rendering models and a virtual reality headset, clients can be transported into a very realistic model that they can walk around in as if they were physically there. You can immerse your clients and showcase your vision for a project easily using these tools.

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