The latest trends in 3D product animation for 2020 are in, so let’s take a look at some examples that could help your business grow into 2021. Animation and motion graphics have become especially powerful tools to help businesses with advertising and marketing. These graphics coupled with social media greatly increase the likelihood of your content being shared and seen by thousands.

Kinetic Typography
Typically typography is not played around with too much to increase readability, but we have seen more and more creative direction when distorting the font and lettering in 2020. Stretching, twisting, changing the font and making the type a moving object has garnered good results. It’s found that it produces higher results by drawing attention to your brand and making the message more memorable.

Animated Logos
It’s tough to stand out in such saturated markets today, and the answer businesses have come up with lies in animated logos. Dynamic shapes, colours and movements in the logo have become quite popularized when it comes to brand identity. Animated logos really stand out in the crowd and catch your audiences’ attention.

Thin Lines
The use of thin lines in video animations and illustrations has also grown in popularity. It gives a clean feel that isn’t too distracting to the audience, and not too bold, but still able to convey the brand’s message nicely.

This trend took the backseat in the last few years but seems to be making a huge comeback in 2020, especially if you look at brands like Instagram and iPhone who both utilize gradients in their UI design. It’s no surprise that gradient colours have risen in popularity over flat colours. With gradients, there is an endless amount of combinations and options for design.

Vertical Ads
The rise of vertical ads was only a matter of time! Most people spend a lot of time on their phones, they are also holding their phones vertically for over 90% of the time they are using it. Vertical ads were only the natural evolution of smartphone ads, not only static ads, but video advertisements are now produced in a vertical format.

Seamless Transitions
A seamless transition means eliminating cuts and traditional transition scenes with an animation. This creates a video that is easy and entertaining to watch. Seamless transitions require the graphical elements in the frame to creatively morph into the next scene and so on. Seamless transitions have also begun gaining popularity within applications as well.

EnDesign can help you with implementing any of the above animation trends into your business animations. Contact us today if you’re looking to revamp your brand in 2020 and set your business up for success going into 2021.