When architects and developers are pitching their ideas to potential clients, they essentially have to win over their hearts and minds. It is no longer enough to show them blueprints and give explanations. They have to bring their ideas to life and tease their client’s imaginations to get them to see and understand the vision. With 3D animation, they can bring their ideas to life and seal the deal all in one presentation. Below, we give you five ways that 3D animation has changed the way that property is presented.

1. Conveys the Atmosphere

When it comes to investing in an architectural project, it can be difficult for the clients to make a decision when they are only looking at figures and schemes. Being able to get a feel of the atmosphere and the surrounding of the property evokes emotions and makes the property feel more real. With 3D animation, this is all possible. 3D artists pick a combination of post-production effects and elements that reflect the atmosphere of the property and its surroundings. This can include weather and visual effects, including animals and birds, and even a warm cup of coffee at the kitchen counter to create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

2. 3D Animation for Storytelling

Storytelling has become a widely used tool in the marketing industry and has quickly made its way into the architectural industry. What does it mean for architects? To tell a story about a property, 3D artists can use a number of contextual elements, such as household items, decor elements and much more. The details they choose can enable the viewer to see themselves living in the property.

3. Highlight All the Great Things About a Property

With 3D animation, architects can present a property during any season or time of the day. They can choose specific scenery that highlights all of the property. For instance, a sea-side property would look more attractive on a sunny afternoon when then the skies are clear and the sea is calm.

4. Take the Client on an Adventure

With 3D animation, architects can transform a boring presentation into an exciting adventure. They can show the property from different perspectives, which would never be possible with blueprints or a regular house showing. For instance, they can show the evolution of the property, which will make the property more real and attractive to the potential buyer.

5. Highlight the Benefits of a Property

With 3D animation, architects can highlight every selling point of the property. A property may have outstanding fixtures, which can be emphasized by a close-up view.

If you are interested in learning more about 3D animation, contact EnDesign. Our team of 3D artists can help you bring your vision to life.