The Differences Between 3D Rendering and 3D Visualization

Jan 15, 2020 | 3D Rendering

Most industries have put aside the use of photography to market their products in favour of other solutions. The real estate industry has altered the way they promote homes and properties by using the innovative technology of 3D graphics. With the advancement of marketing techniques came new terminology, which can be confusing. 3D rendering and 3D visualization may both sound similar, however, both services offer different features that are helpful to be aware of.

In this article, EnDesign will outline the differences between 3D rendering and 3D visualization to ensure you’re choosing the right service for your 3D images or designs.

What Is 3D Visualization?

3D visualization is a platform that requires both exceptional technical knowledge along with artistic excellence. 3D visualization allows customers to view a home or building structure while it is under construction during a meeting or a conference. Creating innovative architectural visualizations through 3D technology, the building models market the structure before it is built. Designed using updated software, the visualizations are created using the designer, client and engineer’s vision.

What Is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering creates a highly-realistic, digital snapshot of a product, room or building structure that has yet to be built or fully completed. With high-end 3D graphics, illumination and adequate camera angles, the 3D rendered image comes to life for the most realistic output. Adjustments can be made and mistakes corrected as needed, which makes the designing process less expensive and more convenient. Specific 3D rendering software is used to input realistic elements such as added texture, shadows, lighting or additional atmospheric components that completes the 3D rendered image. 3D rendering has allowed for VR walkthroughs of an unbuilt home or commercial property to allow a client to become fully immersed in their future space and have a better understanding of any alterations they’d like to make or additions to add.

3D Rendering and 3D Visualization Uses

Both services are used to enhance and accentuate original light features, shadows, colour and texture from real life. Creating a variety of different angles and perspectives of a product or structure, this allows prospective clients and customers to view their future property or product from each angle they desire. Both processes are meticulous and require highly advanced technologies and software to render each image and pixel in the most accurate way. There are a variety of elements that go into the completion of both services. 3D visualization and 3D rendering have paved the way for progressive product and architectural design.

EnDesign specializes in 3D rendering services, 3D architectural visualizations, virtual reality and much more. We are committed to creating exceptionally detailed, highly authentic 3D visualizations for our clients’ products. Using the latest, most advanced technologies and computer software, we create a 3D model, apply specific materials for your vision, render the image, and complete the process in post-production. Browse our portfolio for past work and contact us for a quote to get started to bring your vision to life!



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