Top 10 Reasons To Use A Holographic Display For Advertising

May 24, 2019 | Projection Mapping

With the future of advertising being ever-changing, more engaging and interactive experiences are essential for keeping an audience captivated. Be sure to continually be thinking of how you can engage potential customers better in your next marketing campaign. Holographic displays are just one way businesses are reeling customers in. Here’s why:

Clearer Message Delivery

A 3D display is more likely to attract and hold the interest of someone than traditional advertising can because it stands out among a sea of 2D billboards and posters.

Increase Brand Awareness

Displaying your company product or logo in 3D can help consumers better visualize what you are advertising, which, in turn, can increase sales.

Looks Modern

Having a holographic display just plain looks cool in the end and is highly engaging. It is like going from an 8-bit graphics display to a VR experience – there is just no comparison.

Appeals to Newer Generations

Attracting the attention of Gen Z and Millennials can be difficult as the attention spans of people continue to diminish as generations pass. Many attribute this trend to smartphones and video games, which give people instant gratification. Holographic displays are the new and trendy way of capturing this portion of the population’s attention.

Create Excitement

It is essential to have a vision and purpose for a successful marketing campaign that you want to turn into reality from the outset. Having a specific 3D scene in mind to render your product or service as realistic as possible makes the process easier. Working with our 3D designers will ensure the visual aesthetics of your advertisement are nothing short of legendary.

Adapt to Change

We have previously seen dramatic shifts in factor and form, powered by 3D, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality technologies. As the digital advertising landscape continues to change, marketers that don’t follow suit risk getting left behind. Your advertising techniques should change as quickly as technology does.

Social Media Worthy

Not only will a holographic display look amazing, but it will be highly appealing to potential consumers as well. That means they are more likely to help you advertise by taking pictures and videos of your display and sharing it with friends and family, increasing your brand’s outreach.

Lasting Experience

Not only will the consumer be amazed by what you have on display, but it also shows them that you have heart and passion for your product or service as well. That experience creates a lasting impression from the start with the consumer at the end of the day.

Something to Talk About

For rooms of acquaintances, such as at a networking event, this type of display provides a sure-fire way of creating conversation among attendees. From the technology in use to the storyboard design, there is plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation with anyone around. It ensures your advertising gets talked about.


Once you make a 3D display for your product or service you are satisfied with, you can reuse it for other marketing campaigns and advertisements in the future.

To create a professional, high-quality 3D holographic advertisement, contact EnDesign. We can bring your ideas to life no matter what industry you are in.



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