Virtual Staging Myths

Mar 20, 2022 | Virtual home staging

Virtual staging has been gaining in popularity all across the globe with realtors everywhere. This is because it costs a lot less than traditional staging and it gives off the same results. With virtual staging’s popularity, there has been a lot of skepticism and misunderstanding towards it. Today we will talk about some of the most common myths about virtual staging.

It is illegal to virtually stage a home.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about virtual staging which most realtors believe in. Virtual staging is not an illegal thing to do and it will not misrepresent your property in the listing photos. There are no laws and no regulations that state that you cannot use virtual staging on your property listings. Virtual staging is a typically used strategy that many people use all over the world. However, in order to avoid any confusion between you and any potential buyers, you should disclose that virtual staging has been used which we highly recommend doing.

Virtual staging is not useful for selling houses.

Almost 100 percent of properties are found online, and a majority of people prefer it when they see pictures of properties that are staged. This means it can be hard to actually believe in this myth. Virtual staging is a great way to help you boost your exposure and visibility of your property while also enhancing the buyer’s experience when they view your listing online. One great way you can use virtually staged photos is to print them out and use them as props in the home. This way buyers will be able to continue imagining their dream home.

Only houses that have large square footage should do virtual staging.

Virtual staging can help create an inviting atmosphere for any sized home. It is beneficial regardless. As long as the furniture and decorations are used tastefully to fit into the space and complement the space properly, then all types of properties and rooms will be able to benefit from virtual home staging. Staging even a smaller house helps your potential buyers be able to imagine their furniture while they are in the space. Virtually staging actually helps you maximize the space that is available and you will be able to have the most appropriate furniture in order to showcase your property perfectly.

If you want to stage virtually you will need professional photography.

Many real estate agents out there are perfectly able to take some nice photos of their listings. While getting help from professionals can be a great idea, it definitely is not a requirement. However, it is a good idea to do some image enhancements on some photos you took so that they really pop. Whether or not you hire a professional virtual stager or are taking the DIY route, make sure that you do a bit of research on how to take the best pictures to get your virtual staging right.



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