Virtually Staged Floor Plans: 5 Ways They Can Change Real Estate Listings

Jul 10, 2021 | Virtual home staging

Virtually staged floor plans will change the way clients look at listings, and every property will be more desirable as a result. This is a very effective marketing strategy, and the following are the different ways through which virtually staged floor plans can enhance listing presentations:

They Define a Property’s Proportions

CG artists can add doors, build walls and add windows and can essentially create a small 3D house that would allow you to see the height of ceilings and windows and the number of furniture pieces you would be able to fit in every room. You can also see lighting fixtures, home appliances, plants and even décor pieces because all of these elements can be included and virtually staged floor plans show the exact proportions of the house, so there would be no guessing involved.

They Bring Drawings to Life

Virtually staged floor plans reveal the full potential of a house because CG artists can present different layout options, so agents would be able to show various interior styles that the client wants to try. This allows potential buyers to see all of the opportunities that are possible, and they would be able to get a real idea of the lifestyle they would have if they were to purchase the property.

They Allow for Creative Freedom and Flexibility
3D artists are not limited by actual catalogues of furniture or accessories and can create any kind of digital furniture arrangement. They can access their library to select any 3D models they want so CG artists can furnish the same property in different ways to suit the preferences of specific buyers. Whether the client is a single millennial or a family of five, CG artists have the ability to furnish one property in different styles to engage the buyer and accommodate their needs. This is very effective because tailoring a visually staged floor plan to your target audience will make the listing highly desirable and far more attractive.

They are easy to Understand

Unlike 2D plans that are full of lines and numbers, 3D floor plans are self-explanatory. There is no room for confusion, and clients will get a real understanding of the listing and all its possibilities. Virtually staged floor plans allow realtors to present listings that are very client-friendly.

They are Impressive

Low-quality photos and 2D plans will cause you to lose clients because buyers care about visual presentation and will judge this aspect. If they don’t like what they see, they will remember it as a negative experience and will not make an offer. They will also associate this bad experience with the real estate agent, so make sure you don’t put yourself in this situation and always present quality content to your clients to show them that you care.

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