What Is Interactive Projection Mapping And How Does It Work?

Dec 6, 2022 | Projection Mapping

Interactive projection mapping is a very unique and effective marketing strategy that businesses need to use to remain relevant. This will set you apart from your competition and will help your business succeed, so it’s time to take advantage of this option.

Technology is used to manipulate and project imagery onto a surface which can be a building, car or a landscape and what is unique about interactive projection mapping is that users can physically interact with the projections to create the visual display they want to show their audience. You can choose to have interactive floors and walls and can even have your projections appear on the human body, so there is no limit when it comes to creativity.

The process involves the creation of images that fit onto a 3D graphic model of a surface, and this same image is then warped around the physical features of the structure. In order to have your imagery projected, a multitude of preloaded resolutions and brightness levels are required, and these need to be incorporated into your 3D mapping. You will also need powerful projectors and software; otherwise, your projection will be unsuccessful.

Interactive projection mapping is very popular because consumers respond to this experience, so brands will benefit from this option which can be applied to any industry. Interactive projection is a must in today’s world because it will allow you to stand out and engage with your consumers, and this is an aspect they will greatly appreciate. This memorable experience will cause the consumer to speak of their fondness for your brand because this is not something they will forget. Additionally, because these projections are so easily shareable on social media, your brand will reach a wider audience, and you will experience increased brand awareness which will result in success. You can also repeat this type of content to engage more customers, so there are a number of benefits. Interactive projection mapping is so popular that big brands all over the world use it for their campaigns.

In terms of cost, this aspect will vary depending on what you’re after. The level of creativity will impact your cost, as will the printing specialist you hire for your needs. For these reasons, it’s difficult to estimate the price of each project because you can be as creative as you like, and this will play a big role in determining a price. It’s always best to figure out your goals first as this will allow you to have a better understanding of the total costs.

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