What’s New in the World of 3D Printing?

Feb 26, 2018 | 3D Printing

The consumer 3D printing industry has rapidly expanded and successful companies have come out with models that are very popular with their clientele. These models are undergoing yearly revisions much like long-lasting car models. Here’s some info on the hottest printer models of 2018:

  1. Makerbot

This company released a couple of new printers towards the end of 2016 including the Mini+ and the Replicator+. The latest Replicator features a new gantry and flexible build-plate and is around 30% larger than the previous version. The Mini+ has largely followed in the footsteps of its previous versions but has added Wi-Fi and a camera. There’s another big selling point for the Mini+: it’s far quieter when in use.

  1. XYZprinting

Each year XYZprinting offers a brand new lineup of inexpensive, colorful, and fast 3D printers. The latest news for XYZ is that it’s expanded its da Vinci printer line to now include the Jr. 2.0 Mix, Jr. 1.0 Pro, Jr. 1.0 A, the Jr. 3-in-1, miniMaker, Mini, and the Nano. These new printers are wallet-friendly and offer many of the functionalities of professional 3D printers. The majority of the models featured in the XYZprinting’s lineup have been designed with the purpose of teaching children 3D modeling skills in the classroom and at home.

  1. Robo3D

Robo3D’s 2018 printer offerings are totally brand new. The C2 model is smaller and more consumer-ready, while their R2 model is a higher end model. The C2 is a sub-range printer that offers an onboard-touchscreen, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a built-in slicer. The R2 offers all these features along with dual-print heads, a bigger print capacity, and an onboard camera. Both versions work using an app, which means you can control your printer from just about anywhere.

  1. LulzBot

New extruder technology is the big feature of LulzBot’s 2018 machines. These extruders are very simple to install and work similarly to standard extruders in the past. Their flagship extruder, known as the MOARstruder, prints much faster compared to an entry model. If you’re involved in high-volume prototyping, then this printer is an excellent choice.

Exciting isn’t it? 3D technology is becoming increasingly accessible. Nowadays, 3D tech is not just for movie studios or tech firms, it’s for everyday businesses and people. EnDesign offers professional 3D printing and 3D animation services for demos, sales pitches, and personal use. Contact Endesign today to discuss your next 3D project.

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