Architects: What They Do And Why They’re Important

Jul 23, 2020 | 3D Rendering

An architect is an individual that is licensed or authorized to utilize the career title “architect” and practice architecture in their area. This professional individual is qualified to design, plan, and advise a client on private or public buildings, rooms, complexes, or landscape projects. Architects have been thoroughly trained in the technical art and science of building design and are able to develop ideas for structures and transform them into plans and/or images. Not only do architects develop the overall appearance and design of the structure, they consider all legal, functional, and economic factors of a structure and ensure they meet the needs of the client.

What else do architects do and why are they important? Read on to learn more about the practice of architecture and how architects develop and create spaces that are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable.

Types Of Architects and What They Do

Architecture is a field with various career options, but all design, develop, showcase, and supervise a project in some way. Using their advanced knowledge, design skills, mathematics, and technical skill, architects help bring some of the most incredible structures and spaces to life. Here are three types of architects and what they offer in their career:

1. Residential Architect

Residential architects specialize in the concept design of homes. This type of architect consults with clients to comprehend their design requirements, functional elements, and layout of the residential project. They plan the layout of the home, draft, or design scale layouts of the project and consult with residential engineers to ensure that the design layout can be unified into practical, legal, and functional architectural design. Residential architects also estimate material cost, time, and monitor the building progress on-site.

2. Commercial Architect

Commercial architects develop designs and specifications for commercial structures and buildings, such as factories, commercial offices, retail outlets, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, leisure facilities, and more. Unlike residential architects, commercial architects do not design single-occupancy properties. They may coordinate with a design team or develop the design on their own and create detailed drawings, scale models and coordinate with structural engineers to ensure the electrical, lighting, heating, ventilation, and interior elements are all met. All of these concepts must comply with building health, fire, and safety codes.

3. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects are concerned primarily with outdoor spaces, including parks, home gardens, campuses, and other outdoor public spaces. This type of architect designs outdoor spaces to be engaging, aesthetically pleasing, efficient and correspond well with the environment. Landscape architects select the location for walkways, structures, greenery, and other landscape design elements accordingly. They also select the material that will be used, the type of shrubbery and greenery, and be informed and aware of the climate of the area they’re working with.

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