Virtual staging is a powerful tool that must be part of your selling strategy. This will allow you to showcase the full potential of any property, although you will need the right photos to help your listing stand out. High-quality photos are a must; the following guide will help you take the best virtual staging photos.

Prepare the Physical Space

Preparing the physical space must be the first step. While virtual staging services can remove existing furniture and décor, you can simplify the process by doing it yourself and removing as much as you can. Clean the room as though a potential buyer was about to walk in and ensure all surfaces are clean and dirt-free. Place toilet lids down, close cabinet doors all the way and focus on counters, dressers and floors.

Make Sure You Use the Right Camera

The quality of your camera will make a big difference, and it is recommended that you use a DSLR camera along with a professional quality wide-angle lens. However, do not use an extra-wide angle lens because this can distort the image. A tripod will always do a better job. Ensure you get the maximum image clarity and that your listing images are taken from the same height. DO NOT use the zoom button, as you will lose a significant amount of image quality.

Composition & Positioning

You must be very intentional about each image’s composition. This means you must pay attention to the positioning of every photo, which requires planning. Consider which rooms face east and west and plan the best time of day for your photos. Rooms that face east should be photographed in the morning, while rooms that face west should be photographed in the evening. Take your photos from opposite corners and determine the focal point of each room. Do not cut the fireplace off if there is one in the room, and take lots of photos! Remember, you can always delete the ones you don’t need, but you may not be able to return them and take better pictures later. 

A picture can be worth a thousand words, so virtual staging photos must be done right. High resolution and excellent lighting are necessary because home buyers will love the results. Placing the camera too high will end up making the room look smaller, and when there is minimal floor space shown in the image, it will be harder to add virtual staging furniture.

A clean room and the proper camera settings will allow virtual staging to transform a room, as will a well-planned composition. This will help potential buyers see the full potential of a space, and enDesign can provide you with more information. We specialize in virtual home staging services and would love to discuss this in more detail. Contact us today at 1-844-RENDER9 to find out more!