Types of Projection 3D Video Mapping

May 21, 2021 | Projection Mapping, Video Mapping

3D video projection mapping is very popular because it can enhance your presentation. You can create unique effects and provide viewers with a memorable experience, and there are different ways you can achieve this. There are different types of 3D video projection mapping, so you can play with the content to change it up and provide viewers with a new experience every time, even if you are projecting the information on the same building.

If you want to create fresh content that is new and exciting, consider the following types of projection 3D video mapping:

Architectural mapping

This is the most popular option because it creates a very fun experience that viewers will remember for a very long time. The content will create a larger–than–life effect because of the size of the building, and because there are large pixel sizes available, you will get to experiment and play around with different options. For this type of video projection mapping, you need to create content that is specifically made for these effects and must consider features like windows, arches and pillars, which you can highlight in your presentation. What is unique about this option is that you can change the face of a building through your content, so you can choose to show the history of the building or you can take your viewers to another world altogether. It’s important to create content with unique outlines, glow effects and large extrusions because these will highlight the building.

Object projection mapping

These presentations can be done on cars, landscapes or other products, and you can choose to do this for a one-time event or for a permanent installation. This concept is similar to building mapping, and you will be able to highlight the unique features of the object while impressing your audience. You need to pay close attention to detail because you will be limited in terms of your surface area, and the audience will be closer to the object, so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Interior projection mapping

This is ideal if you want to show your audience the interior of a new real estate project, for example, because you would be able to show them results that are not yet available. You will be showing your audience a virtual reality in a beautiful and memorable way, so they will get to jump into a world they’ve never seen before.

Full dome projection mapping

If you’re looking for something truly extraordinary, this is the best option because your viewers will never forget this experience. This is an extensive format that will require a big pixel map, and the setup can be challenging because of the curves and edges of the dome, but you will create a fully immersive environment, so it would be worth the effort.

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